CPL and CPA Traffic Available

Looking For CPL or CPA Traffic?

Campaign management can be a complex process that requires hours of planning and knowledge before launching a marketing campaign. Putting together a team to execute these campaigns can be costly and time-consuming, therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced media buying team like VRUME in place to make those important decisions for your business.

If you are looking to boost your conversions for your dating offer, we are here to help! We work with many of the largest dating direct advertisers, affiliate programs and super affiliates on a CPL and CPA basis.

We will work with you to create the right traffic mix and evaluate your ROI whether it be CPL goals, conversions or signups.

Leads! Leads! Leads!

What Can Vrume Do For You?

  • Results Driven – VRUME can generate thousands of new conversions for your dating offer
  • Ability To Scale - We can work within guidelines to scale you up quickly or slowly dependent on your KPI's
  • Cost Effective- We offer many different pricing options for our CPL traffic

Lets Work Together!

We Strive For Long Term Relationships With Our Advertisers

At Vrume Ads, our goal is to establish long-term relationships. We do that by focusing on the 3 major indicators. Conversions! Communication! Transparency!

We know it’s all about long-term relationships, plus providing leads that convert into sales, so trust the industry leaders at Vrume ads to make the difference!