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What are Sweepstakes Offers and How Do They Work?

Sweepstakes are usually FREE prize giveaways where the winner simply needs to enter their email address, name, and any other basic info you require.  Some of the most popular sweepstakes giveaways are amazon gift cards, apple products, travel offers, free membership and more.  (The keyword is “FREE” with sweepstakes).

Sweepstakes offers are a valuable way to obtain and build an e-mail list of potential clients you can market to now and in the future.  You are essentially building a “sales funnel” to drive email addresses into your database to build your own audience and grow your email lists.

For your business growth, your goldmine is the email lists you “own” and grow yourself, not so much the lists you purchase without knowing how valid or old those email lists are.

Allow VRUME to help you get set up with the proper campaign sequence as we know what offers are converting and will work well for your business!

Online Compliance

Online sweepstakes still must comply with the relevant laws in all 50 states and international laws. It is important you know the proper regulations before running an offer, so make sure what you are running is legal in the GEOs you wish to run your campaigns.

Best Practices for Sweepstakes & Surveys Offers:

At VRUME, we feel it is better to have a dedicated landing page to send traffic to that is personalize to each specific GEO. Also, we want to make sure you have the proper tracking in place on those landing pages to help prove ROI.

Sweepstakes offers are a great way to jump into the media buying market and get your core offer noticed by these types of FREE giveaways. Remember, the key is to have a compelling offer to entice someone to provide an email address, so think about what type of value you want to offer to make someone give up their personal info.

Online Surveys

Online surveys have the same strategy as Sweepstakes offers that once completed will offer a gift card or free membership. The benefits of a survey could be 5-10 questions about the product or service you are selling. This data can give you feedback on how to make adjustments to better your product.

A good example would be playstation or xbox asking their online service customers to give feedback on how they are doing. In doing so, they can offer an instant credit on the customer account to spend in their online store. The customer gets a free gift card, and the client gets valuable feedback to analyze their performance. It’s a win-win situation!
Both sweepstakes and surveys are a sure-fire way to gain email addresses. If you need more information and assistance on how to get started, contact VRUME today to discuss the best method for you to get started with a sweepstakes or survey offer today!

At Vrume Ads, our goal is to establish long-term relationships. We do that by focusing on the 3 major indicators. Conversions! Conversions! Conversions!

We know it’s all about sales and creating leads that convert, so trust the industry leaders at Vrume ads to make the difference!

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